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Greenia's products are all derived from and developed in New Zealand. Our products are a reflection of the purity and resourceful of New Zealand's divine environment.

​with a magnificent nature. UN ranked New Zealand as the 9th best country in the world with a title of "Clean and Green".

4.6 million people. This country is peaceful and beautiful New Zealand is a large country with a low population of  Kia Ora, Hello! Welcome to Greenia.


" that longevity and happiness We believeis attributed to good health and that nature provides the elements for good health. Studies have shown that artificial chemicals harm our body and in particular our immune system, that is why we make our products as natural as possible without affecting the purity."

 Better-quality products come from exhaustive research, using the finest ingredients and the diligence to ensure the stability, safety and efficacy of each product. Every GREENIA products are carefully formulated and tested to provide our customers with the right ingredients to meet their specific health needs.

GREENIA is working hard to connect the beautiful nature of New Zealand and our customers. We are providing Greeniaquality dietary supplement derived from nature to people. Our products are ranged from bee products to deer products. This wide range gives you variety choice option to meet our customer's taste and health condition. 

Vesta Natural can help you develop an understanding of a comprehensive approach for the usage of supplements in supporting the health of your family.

At the BEST products with RESPECT. Greenia, we are impassioned to build a long relationship and mutual trust with every customer. We ensure that we provide

We are happy to have from our customers!a feed-back.

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